Ka Ying Becky Lau

PhD Student


Becky graduated from University of Michigan with a BA in Psychology in December, 2013. Under the supervision of Dr. Emily Falk and Dr. Sara Konrath, Becky examined the effects of perspective-taking on intergroup interactions in her senior honors thesis. During her undergraduate years, she also worked with Dr. Kim Cameron, Dr. Patricia Gurin, Dr. Winnie Mak, and Dr. Sheryl Olson on a variety of projects. In 2014, she began her doctoral studies at the University of Chicago and joined the Multilingualism and Decision-Making Lab. 

Research Interests

Becky is broadly interested in perspective-taking, decision making, and foreign languages. Her current project examines whether foreign language usage can improve negotiation outcomes. Another line of her research examines whether goal commitments are language-bound.