Previous PhD Students

Dale Barr

Senior Lecturer, Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology
University of Glasgow

Sayuri Hayakawa

PhD Student


Sayuri received a BA in psychology from Boston University. She worked with Dr. Catherine Caldwell-Harris to study bilingual biculturals and the impact of language on self-promotional strategies. She went on to get an MA in social sciences from the University of Chicago. Under the guidance of Dr. Boaz Keysar, she examined the effect of language on priming culturally congruent nonverbal behavior. She continued working in the Keysar lab as a research assistant until 2011, at which point she began her doctorate studies at the University of Chicago.

Research Interests

Sayuri is generally interested in how bilingualism and language affect cognition and behavior. Her current line of research with Dr. Keysar examines differences in processing a first vs. second language and the subsequent impact of using a foreign language on decision making.

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Anne Henly

Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology
University of Chicago

William S. Horton

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Northwestern University

Shiri Lev-Ari

Research Staff, Psychology of Language Department
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

Shuhong Lin

Curriculum Advisor

Ibrahim Senay

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Istanbul Sehir University

James Vandermeer

Police Officer
MPDC - Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC

Shali Wu

Assistant Professor, School of Economics and Management
Tsinghua University