Research Assistants

Beatriz de Quero

Graduate Research Assistant

Beatriz’s research interests draw from the fields of social and cognitive psychology, anthopology and consumer behavior in order to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and high variability found in decision making processes. Specifically, she is interested in exploring the intricacies that lie behind the implicit and explicit mechanism of decision making and how our ethnic identities affect us in this regard.

Before coming to Chicago, Beatriz completed both Licentiate Degrees in Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Sevilla (Spain) and a M.Sc. in Marketing and Consumer Behavior at the University of Granada (Spain).

Randy Gao

Graduate Research Assistant

Randy is a MAPSS student at the University of Chicago. Having graduated with a B.A. in English Language and Literature, he is now broadly interested in behavioral science, especially in judgment and decision making. In his spare time he binge-watches sitcoms and Woody Allen movies. 

Uriel Heller

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Uriel is a third year student at the University of Chicago majoring in psychology. He is interested in how language affects our experience of the world - specifically, in how languages vary in how they delineate emotion.

Before joining the lab, Uriel served in the Israeli Intelligence for three years.

Rachel Liu

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Rachel is a second year student at the University of Chicago majoring in Comparative Human Development and minoring in Human Rights. She is interested in studying how language shapes our conception of the world as well as our self-identity. Her other interests include public health, criminal justice reform, digital humanities, indie music, movies made in the year 1999, comedy, Foucault and Derrida. 

Yue Pan

Graduate Research Assistant

Yue Pan is currently a MAPSS student at the University of Chicago. He is interested in investigating what are the potential influences of speaking a foreign language on people’s cognition, emotion, reasoning and other psychological phenomena. Also, he is interested in finding effective ways of both learning and teaching a second language. 

Before coming to UChicago, Yue Pan received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he simultaneously worked as research assistant in Dr. Berenbaum’s, Dr. Hunter’s and Dr. Albarracin’s labs across clinical, cultural and social psychology domains.

Emory Richardson

Graduate Research Assistant

Emory is a former MAPSS student at the University of Chicago, moving from an undergraduate in philosophy and history of science to a PhD in psychology. He is interested in in-group influences on belief systems and behavior (and regularly gets distracted by articles on memetics, echo chambers, determinism, automaticity, big data, deception, and non-obviousness) by means of language, as well as how jargon is shaped by belief systems and behavior. In his spare time he studies Russian and browses Annual Reviews of psychology. 

Patricia Van Hissenhoven Florez

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Patricia is a third year student at the University of Chicago. She is deciding between majoring in philosophy, linguistics, and sociology. Patricia studies Human Rights and is interested in working with peace-bulding issues. Her research interests are focused on how language affects cognitive processes and conflict resolution. 

Angel Wang

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Angel is a second year student at the University of Chicago. She is majoring in psychology and considering a double major in philosophy or English specializing in creative writing. Her research interests range broadly but focus on how experiences affect our sense of self over time. She is especially interested in exploring how emersion in differing language environments affects daily decision making and its relation to self-perception.

Xinyu Wei

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Xinyu is a second year student at the University of Chicago majoring in mathematics. She is interested in a broad range of psychology topics from early childhood development to language and biases. Working as a RA in Multilingualism And Decision Making Lab, she hopes to dig deeper into the dominant factors affecting decision making process and how language plays a role in it.