Janet Geipel

Postdoctoral Scholar


Janet graduated from Free University Berlin (Germany) with a Diploma in Psychology in September 2012, and received her PhD in Cognitive Science from Trento University (Italy) in December 2015. In her PhD, Janet examined foreign language effects on judgment and decision making, such as moral judgment and risk perception. Her doctoral thesis was awarded as the Best Doctoral Dissertation of the year 2015. Prior to joining the Multilingualism and Deciscion-Making Lab, Janet worked as a Postdoctoral Scholar for the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to study risk communication and informed decision-making in health domains under the supervision of Dr. Danielle Timmermans. Janet joined the Multilingualism and Decision Making Lab in 2017 as a Postdoctoral Scholar. 

Research Interests

Janet is generally interested in how language affects judgment and decision making as well as behavior.